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Trinity Athletics Is Now a Partner of Dallas ISD, With the Option to Enter Every School!

Today begins a three-year, district-wide partnership agreement with Dallas Independent School District that allows us to conduct programming in any school in the district and reach every kid possible with our functional fitness and CrossFit Kids programming.

This is BIG news!

What does this mean for Trinity Athletics?

📢 Our new partnership with Dallas ISD's Health and Physical Education Department means it will take less time to bring our programs to more schools, maximizing our impact for kids.

📢 Dallas ISD can direct our programming to schools with the highest need for functional fitness and social emotional health.

📢 The Dallas fitness community will have more opportunities to get involved with Dallas kids, as we pair each school with a dedicated partner gym and coach.

📢 It will ultimately give every child in the district access to our functional fitness and CrossFit Kids programming.

We are thrilled for this partnership and its anticipated impact on our mission for North Texas kids!

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