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Letter From a Teacher: "Increased energy, focus, and enthusiasm for my students!"

As Founder and Executive Director of Trinity Athletics, it is a great honor to work with the faculty of schools we serve. Teachers consistently make their students’ education the highest priority, even during the past several unprecedented semesters. I want to share with you a letter from Mr. Diaz, a teacher at one of our partner schools. I was encouraged by his review and hope you will be, too!

- Daniel Crisler


My name is Jose Eduardo Diaz. I am a teacher at J.N. Ervin Elementary School. We have been very fortunate and blessed to be participants with Trinity Athletics led by Coach Daniel for over two years here at Ervin. One of the great things about the program is that it makes exercising feel like play time, which the kids really enjoy. I myself stop by occasionally and participate because it just looks like so much fun!

The impact this program has had on my students academically and emotionally has been so awesome! The emphasis Coach Daniel puts on the kids’ emotional health through sharing in circle time has greatly helped all my students become more confident in sharing in my classroom. Coach Daniel really creates an environment that feels like home to them, so they always look forward to participating in every session. Promoting a healthy lifestyle has also been a great benefit for my students academically. I can really see the increased energy, focus, and enthusiasm my students have while working on different tasks. Their work ethic and stamina has greatly improved and therefore we have grown in academic achievement.

As a concerned teacher who sees his students like family, all I wanted was for them to have the opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities. Now, I’m just so happy for them to get exposure to so much positivity provided by Coach Daniel and the rest of his staff at Trinity Athletics. It really is neat to see so many people genuinely happy and joyful when helping with all our children here at our school. That joy really radiates and the kids feel it and that’s what makes me the most thankful about this program. Big THANK YOU Coach Daniel and staff at Trinity Athletics!!! You guys are making a difference!

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