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Why Trinity Athletics?

Our functional fitness programs help kids develop socially, cognitively, and physically.  Every class includes the following three components:

Functional Fitness movements like squats and pushups performed at high relative intensity to develop physical literacy and fitness;


Vestibular Work to improve balance and cognitive ability; and


When used in concert with each other, these elements provide an even greater benefit to kids: They stimulate the release of a chemical in the brain called BDNF that improves kids’ neuroplasticity, or their ability to process and store new information.  This, in turn, gives them more cognitive resources to use in class, which can translate to improved academic performance.


Every class ends with a game and a teaching time. In our elementary school-age program, we take this teaching time to talk with them about values like integrity, respect, and patience.

For more information on the research that supports our methodology, check out our research page, here, or email for more resources and answers to specific questions. 

Find out if Trinity Athletics is

right for your organization.

We've spent years researching and perfecting our model.

Functional Fitness, Vestibular Work, and Social and Emotional Learning lead to a number of research-based benefits for kids.

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